The structure of the Company is organized to serve to a large extent its operational and intra-business needs, allowing communication without bureaucratic procedures, rapid decision-making, planning and control of system operation and avoidance of duplication of responsibilities.
The highest governing body is the Board of Directors. The general management is exercised by Konstantinos Nakas and Georgios Nakas, who have separated their responsibilities, aiming at the most rational monitoring of the Company's departments. Specifically, Konstantinos Nakas is responsible for audio & video systems, electronic musical instruments, multimedia products and music education, while Georgios Nakas is responsible for acoustic musical instruments, music books and retail stores.
The strategy of the Company is drawn up by the General Management and its activities are performed by the following departments:
General Management of Nakas Concept & Administrative Services - Lia Gerogianni
The head of the dpet. deals with personnel issues, such as payroll, scheduling, performance of department heads, training and information of all employees. She is responsible for the observance of the safety and hygiene rules of the company, as well as controls the general operation of the IT dept. and the organization of the warehouse. In addition, she is responsible for the Nakas Concept and deals with the planning and sales promotion, stock control being responsible also for the general operation of the Nakas Concept stores network.
She is also involved in the maintenance of the facilities.
General Manager of Music / Sound / Image - Kostas Gkiokas
The head of the dept. deals with the planning and monitoring of sales promotion actions, the annual planning of purchases and sales, with the pricing policy of the company, the control of stock and returns. He also monitors the development of the distribution network, organizes and participates in the organization of seminars and presentations for employees, agents and customers. He is also responsible for the general operation of the company's stores and the support of large customers.
Financial Services Department - Marise Hadjigeorgiou
The responsibilities of the department include the control of the financial figures, the preparation of the financial statements and results, the financial control of the supplies and customers, the control of the banks and the support of the loans, the monitoring and settlement of the tax and accounting cases of the Company, and oversees accounting, customer credit, imports and exports.
Communication Department - Despoina Naka
The Communication Department has undertaken the advertising of the Company's products, the communication with the customers and the design of the advertisements and publications. Its main activities are: advertising in the media, publishing brochures, organizing concerts, exhibitions and seminars. Also in the context of the actions for the shaping of the image of the Company to the general public and the customers, it communicates with the customers and the people in charge of the media and organizes meetings and conferences.
IT Department - George Theologitis
The object of work is the production of complex statistical statements for the monitoring of economic and commercial policy, the application of new technologies (on line connections, internet, etc.), the construction of specialized applications and their configuration for use within the Company and associates, etc.
Branch network monitoring department - Natassa Menegakou
The proper operation and development of the store network is monitored by three people. As part of their responsibilities, they undertake the appearance of the stores, the exhibition of the goods and the configuration of the shop window, the control of the goods, while they carry out market research to find new places where new stores can be developed.
Logistics - Christos Pantazopoulos
The head of the department deals with the coordination of the trading of goods in the company’s stores as well as in the rest of the network, the control of the imports of goods from abroad and inside, the inventory of goods and the issuance of wholesale customer documents, as well as the control of warehouses and the maintenance of the company's means of transportation.
Digital Marketing & Social Media - Ilena Naka
The department is responsible for updating - maintaining all the sites contained in, processing electronic orders placed in the two online Retail stores, eNakas Music Store & NakasConcept eStore as well as in the online wholesale store NakasB2B.
Service Department - Andreas Martzoukos
The person in charge deals with the organization, control and technical support of the goods handled by the company.
In detail, the departments included in the Technical Support Department are:
a. Customer service department.
b. Department of electronic musical instruments, sound systems and applications.
c. Department of computers and multimedia applications.
d. Department of stringed musical instruments.
e. Department of wind instruments.
f. Piano department.

Finally, for each product category there is the corresponding department that is responsible for the planning of purchases - sales, sales promotion, advertising, control of customer accounts, the general monitoring of the network of stores where the specific product is displayed, etc. with the aim of the smooth operation of the Company and the proper organization of sales of various products. Specifically, these sections concern the following:
- Electric musical instruments (responsible: Nikos Karamalakis),
- Acoustic musical instruments (responsible: Christos Meimaroglou),
- Audio & Visual systems (responsible: Antonis Apostolou),
- Professional sound systems, Professional lighting and multimedia (responsible: Alexandros Drossos)
- Music books (responsible: Eleni Gerogianni)
- Music Books Publications (responsible: Anna Fanourgaki)
- E-Commerce: (responsible: Ilena Naka)
For the perfect organization and operation of the above departments as well as their rational monitoring, the Company has installed the modern information system ERP ATLANTIS.