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RADIAL EXTC 500 Guitar Effects Interface & Reamp® Module (500 Series)
CODE: R700 0132 00
378.00 €

RADIAL EXTC 500 Guitar Effects Interface & Reamp® Module (500 Series)

378.00 €
Suggested Catalog Price 430.00 €

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    Guitar Effects Interface & Reamp® Module

    The Radial EXTC is a unique 500 series module that allows you to connect guitar pedals to the inputs and outputs of pro audio equipment, providing the ability to incorporate effects pedals into your mix in new and creative ways.

    • Audio circuit type: Solid state with transformer coupled effects loop
    • Frequency response: Dry: 10Hz ~ 21kHz 0dBu, -3dBu | Wet: 10Hz ~ 21kHz 0dBu, -3dBu
    • Dynamic range: Dry: 94dB | Wet: >99dB
    • Gain: Dry: +5dB | Wet: +27dB
    • Total harmonic distortion: Dry: <0.0006% 0dBu output | Wet: <0.0012% 0dB output
    • Intermodulation Distortion: Dry: -117dBu | Wet: -110dBu
    • Signal to Noise: Dry: 94dB | Wet: >99dB
    • Maximum Input: Dry: +26dBu | Wet: +20dBu
    • Current Draw: 60mA, +/-16VDC
    • Features
    • 180° polarity reverse, OmniPort
    • Input Connectors: 1/4", XLR
    • Output Connectors: 1/4", XLR
    • General
    • Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
    • Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable

    Adding Growl to a Vocal
    Plug your mic into the PowerPre and send the signal into the EXTC. From there, you add an effect like a Tonebone Trimode using the blend control to mix in just the right amount of distortion.

    Reamping through pedals
    Take a dry track, send it to the EXTC which in turn feeds your pedals. This is the perfect way to add some extra zest to a vocal track; an envelope follower to a kick; or some wah to that Hammond.

    Recording Direct
    Plug your guitar or bass into the JDVPre and have it feed the EXTC where you can send the signal through your pedals. Then bring the signal back through the JDX to emulate a speaker cabinet.