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PRIMACOUSTIC RX5-HF Recoil Stabilizer
CODE: Z860 1505 00
BRAND: Primacoustic
79.00 €

PRIMACOUSTIC RX5-HF Recoil Stabilizer

CODE: H70RL00000

BRAND: Primacoustic

79.00 €
Suggested Catalog Price 112.00 €


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    The Recoil Stabilizer is a nearfield monitor platform that incorporates four different elements to create the whole.

    Specifications :

    1. Retention pad
    1. Thin no-slip neoprene surface secures the nearfield monitor to the top surface for maximum signal transfer.
    1. Steel platform
    1. Laser cut ?” (6mm) steel platform adds the necessary stabilizing mass to rigidly hold the nearfield monitor in place.
    1. Curved front panel
    1. Curved front panel eliminates standing waves and adds mass to the platform without increasing the footprint.
    1. Isolation foam

    More Specifications : 
    • Size :  19.05 cm  x 24.13 cm
    • Horizontal height :4.8 cm 
    • Up-fire height :  3.05 cm  / 7.3 cm 
    • Down-fire height : 7 cm  / 4.8 cm 
    • Max Load : 10.5 Kgr. 

    High density open cell acoustic foam provides acoustic isolation to eliminate coupling between loudspeaker and shelf.
    Recoil Stabilizers are available in a variety of sizes and weights . 

    Priced per piece and sold in pairs