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SENNHEISER SL-TS-133 GN-SET-DW-3-EU Tabletop Gooseneck Set
CODE: 506615
BRAND: Sennheiser
1,449.00 €
ΠΙΣΩ ΣΤΗΝ ΛΙΣΤΑPresentation Systems

SENNHEISER SL-TS-133 GN-SET-DW-3-EU Tabletop Gooseneck Set

CODE: H12SE00394

BRAND: Sennheiser

  • warranty_2
  • 24 Interest Installments
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1,449.00 €

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    The SpeechLine Digital Wireless Tablestand Set SL TS 133 GN Set DW includes the SL Tablestand 133-S DW, the MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone, the SL Rack Receiver DW and everything needed for usage and installation. The wireless SL Tablestand 133-S DW together the included MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphpne with cardioid directivity is dedicated to speech.
    Because of its compatibility with all Sennheiser XLR-3 gooseneck microphones, the SL DW Wireless Tablestand 133-S is optimized for podium discussions, speeches and lectures. Being independent from any cables, the SL Tablestand 133-S DW offers a highly flexible solution for users. It features the most common wireless Qi charging standard. It can either be charged wirelessly or via USB. The wireless charging base CHG QI 2 for two mobile devices is available separately. The SL Tablestand 133-S DW Set comes with rechargeable accupack with up to 10 hours of operating time.
    It can be monitored and controlled with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.
    Frequency response 75 to 20,000 Hz
    THD,Ολική Αρμονική Παραμόρφωση typ. 0.1 %
    Κατανάλωση ενέργειας 350 mA
    Θερμοκρασία Λειτουργίας 0 °C to 40 °C (14 °F to 131 °F)
    Αναλογία Σήματος-Θόρυβο > 90 dB(A)
    Μήκος βραχίονα 40 cm
    Αντίσταση εισόδου 30kΩ
    Ισχύς Εξόδου RF up to 250 mW
    Audio output level (balanced) max. -18 dBu, typ. -24 dBu
    Audio output level (unbalanced) max. +6 dBu
    Ευαισθησία RF < -90 dBm
    Max Input Voltage 1.7 V RMS
    Δυναμικό Εύρος > 120 dB (A)
    Sampling rates 24 bit/48 kHz
    Σύνδεση Audio Out: XLR 3M
    Audio Out: 2 x RCA
    Network: RJ 45
    - Qi Charging - most common wireless Charging standard
    - Compatibel with all Sennheiser XLR-3-gooseneck microphones
    - Includes everything needed to install and use the wireless SL Tablestand 133-S DW
    - Clear battery life indication via dedicated battery status LEDs
    - Can be remote controlled with Sennheiser Control Cockpit


    SL Tablestand 133-S DW
    MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone
    BA 40 accupack
    SL Rack Receiver DW (incl. power supply)
    GA 4 rackmount kit
    Quick Guide
    Safety Guide
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