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ESI eXtra 10 Headphones with Modeling Software
65.00 €
59.00 €
ΠΙΣΩ ΣΤΗΝ ΛΙΣΤΑStudio Headphones

ESI eXtra 10 Headphones with Modeling Software

CODE: H16ES00000


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Online Price 59.00 €
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    High Quality Monitoring Headphones with dSONIQ Realphones Modeling Software

    eXtra 10 headphones are a combination of lightweight, half-closed headphones and a modeling plugin for binaural perception. With the included dSONIQ Realphones ESI Edition, you'll get true studio control room sound with your headphones, no matter where you are.

    Optimally adapted


    The physical characteristics of the eXtra 10 form the basis for the adaptation of the popular dSONIQ software. Through months of fine-tuning, the ESI Edition has been optimally adapted to the ESI headphones down to the smallest detail. The result is a combination of solid audio hardware and an innovative technology that makes the sound reproduction as reliable and precise as a high-quality monitoring system in the studio.


    Finalize your song faster with presets to verify your mix


    With Realphones, your eXtra 10 become a reliable monitoring tool for mixing tracks - whether on the road or in the studio. Not only that: a single mouse click is all it takes to make them sound like hifi speakers, like ear pods or like a portable device. Thanks to the software, you can check your final mix without even taking off your headphones.

    Designed for long mixing sessions


    eXtra 10 headphones are lightweight, providing a clear and accurate reproduction for monitoring purposes in the studio.

    Designed to adjust automatically to any head size and outfitted with extra durable and isolated ear pads, you will be surprised how comfortable our eXtra 10s are - especially when used for longer periods. Delivering a wide range with specially selected transducers, you will be able to listen to all the details of your mix across the whole frequency response.

    Even with no software used, eXtra 10 headphones offer an amazing quality.

    eXtra 10 is available on its own as well as in our U22 XT cosMik Set studio recording bundle.


    • combination of headphones and modeling software
    • on-the-ear simulation of a recording studio control room
    • the dSONIQ Realphones ESI Edition can either be used as plugin in the DAW or as standalone software
    • finalize your mix faster than ever with various presets
    • dymamic half-closed monitoring headphones in studio quality (can also be used without modeling software)
    • 50mm diameter neodymium drivers
    • impedance: 32ohm
    • sensitivity: 94dB SPL (1mW)
    • frequency response: 15Hz - 29kHz
    • max. power: 1200mW
    • cable length: about 2.5m
    • 1/8" plug, gold plated screw-on adapter to 1/4" included
    • includes download license of Realphones ESI Edition from dSONIQ. If you receive a pair of headphones of an earlier production series without the license, you are entitled get your free registration code via our online form.

    Bundled Software


    In order to get you started right out of the box, eXtra 10 ships with a powerful software package for professional recording, creation of your own songs, mixing of any audio content and much more. The following applications are currently included:

      Realphones ESI Edition  

    The Realphones ESI Edition by dSONIQ turns your ESI headphones into a reliable and professional mixing solution that you can fully trust. The standalone software and DAW plugin re-creates the acoustic environment of a recording studio control room. No matter if you travel a lot and need to be able to mix on the road or if you prefer headphones over studio monitor - with the Realphones ESI Edition you can trust your mixes even more.