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YAMAHA SVC-50 Silent Cello
BRAND: Yamaha
1,969.00 €
ΠΙΣΩ ΣΤΗΝ ΛΙΣΤΑElectric / Silent Strings

YAMAHA SVC-50 Silent Cello

CODE: M330.00002

BRAND: Yamaha

1,969.00 €
Suggested Catalog Price 2,238.00 €

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    The Silent Electric Cello provides cellists with the opportunity to play in the rich acoustic environment of a concert hall without having to be there. This breathtaking experience is the result of a special chip created by Yamaha. This chip puts the full, rich tone of the Silent Cello into the virtual environment of an auditorium giving you the realistic impression that you are performing on stage. Thorough consultations with cellists led to the development of two unique body designs that offer the natural warmth and feel of acoustic instruments. Their 'silent' characteristics keep acoustic sound to a minimum letting you practice at times in places you wouldn't have before. The SVC-50 offers easy to use functions along with the playability to fit individual styles and techniques.  

    The instrument is also equipped with Auxiliary In, Line Out and Headphone Jacks. Connect a compact disc player, mini disc player or cassette deck to the input jack to play with your favorite recordings. This is an extremely useful feature when practicing. With the output jack connected to a P.A., or external audio system, you can perform live.

    The Full size body of the SVC-50 is easy to hold and play. The chest support, when attached during performance, offers the natural feel and resonance of an acoustic cello. Four fine tuning adjusters (one per string) make precise tuning quick and easy. Auxiliary volume control provides independent control over the volume of an external audio source.