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Beethoven Ludwig Van, Fur Elise
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Beethoven Ludwig Van, Fur Elise

5.90 €
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    Beethoven Ludwig Van, Fur Elise

    Ludwig van Beethoven (w, December 17, 1770 - Vienna, March 26, 1827)

    German composer and pianist.
    He was one of the central figures of classical music and is today among the most widely accepted composers of all musical periods and the most famous of all times. Beethoven, although he belongs more to the classical period, was associated with the movement of romanticism that followed and his last works are distinguished by intense romantic elements. The symphonies and piano concertos that he composed are his most popular works. He is recognized by many as one of the musical geniuses, an example and a measure of comparison for all subsequent composers. His most popular composition and one of the most recognizable works of classical music, known by its German name Fur Elise (for Elise). It is a three-minute bagatelle (short composition for piano with light content) in A minor, whose premiere was given on April 27, 1810.

    The score was not published until 1867, forty years after the composer's death in 1827. The man who discovered the piece, Ludwig Nohl, confirmed that the original manuscript, (now lost), had the title: "Fur Elise" am 27 April [1810], zur Erinnerung von L. v. Beethoven, ("To Eliza" 27 April [1810], in memory of Ludwig van Beethoven). The music was published as part of Nohl's Neue Briefe Beethovens (Nohl's New Letters from Beethoven).