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Τhe book of music reading 2 - Varelas Dimitris
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ΠΙΣΩ ΣΤΗΝ ΛΙΣΤΑMusic Theory / Solfege

Τhe book of music reading 2 - Varelas Dimitris

CODE: W399941069
ISBN: 9790801151773


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    The ‘Book of Music Reading’ promotes through a modern pedagogical perspective holistic teaching of sight singing. The main objective of the book is that the teaching of sight singing should be enjoyable and associated to the "real" world of music. Therefore throughout the book dynamics and phrasing are employed and small and independent melodies are created, whilst examples from classical, greek traditional, jazz and ethnic music are included. The material is extended into four volumes of graded difficulty that follows the respective eight grades but at the same time introduces some significant innovations. Starting from the first volume tropical and pentatonic scales are employed, treble, bass and alto clefs, mixed rhythms of the greek traditional music, tetrachords, scales with sharps and flats and most importantly rhythmic syllables are used in order to establish a solid sense of rhythm.