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  • OMNIMOUNT AB-1 (B) Βάσεις Ηχείων

OMNIMOUNT AB-1 (B) Βάσεις Ηχείων

OMNIMOUNT AB-1 (B) Βάσεις Ηχείων

Μοναδική Προσφορά 2 Χρόνια Εγγύηση -50% Έκπτωση Music
Κωδικός: S12OM00170
ISBN: S12OM00170

16,00€7,90€Κερδίζετε 8,10€

Speaker Mount - Wall or Ceiling

Make the most of your home audio or stereo system by mounting speakers for better sound distribution. Designed to support up to 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg), the AB1 speaker mount is part of the AudioBasics Series: made of durable injection-molded, glass reinforced nylon, it provides maximum support in a lightweight mount.ZAA
Specifications :
  • Fits most: Small satellite speakers
  • Supports up to: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Base Rotation: 360?
  • Pan: 180?
  • Tilt: +/- 30?
  • Color: Black

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