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  • Bass Method Book 3 + CD

Bass Method Book 3 + CD

Μέθοδος διδασκαλίας ηλεκτρικού μπάσου

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Κωδικός: W179835049
ISBN: 9780793563814

Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1The Cromatic Walkup
3Sixteenth Notes
4Sixteenth Rests
5Funky 16th-Note Syncopation
6Seventh Chords
8Minor Pentatonic
9Hammer -Ons & Pull Offs
10Major Pentatonic
11Playing Off Chord Symbols
12Chromatic Approach
13Scale Approach
14Dominant Approach
15Using Triads to Create Bass Lines
16Locking In to The Groove
17Slap Funk
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