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Bass Today

Μέθοδος ακουστικού και ηλεκτρικού μπάσου με CD το οποίο περιέχει μουσικά παραδείγματα

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Κωδικός: W179836002
ISBN: 038081137254

Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1Types of Basses
2Right Hand Playing Techniques,Pickstyle and Fingerstyle
3Left Hand Position,Holding the Bass
4Tuning the Bass
5Music Notation
6Notes on the 2nd and1st Strings—E and F
8G on the 1st String
9Review: Notes on the 2nd and 1st Strings, Right Hand
12Notes on the 3rd String—B and C, B-C Mix
13D on the 2nd String
14Review: Notes on the 1st2nd and 3rd Strings
15Easy Rock
16Tempo Markings,Rock in' On Two, Breezin'
17Quarter Rest, Repeat Sign
18Comin' Out Rock
19Rock Bass Accompaniment
20Dotted Half Note,3/4 Time Signature
22Dal Segno
24Sort of Blue
25Mary Ann
26Some Kind of Sunset
27Incomplete Measure
29Notes on the 4th and 3rd Strings,G and A, A on the 4th String
30Review: Notes in Second Position
31Using the 4th finger in Second Position
33Jingle Bells. Da Capo
34Peaceful Feeling
35Chords, Root and 5 th of the Chord
36Third and Second Position Fingerboard Chart
37Leger Lines, Open 4th String—E, Em Chord (root and 5th)
38First and Half Position, F on the 4th String
39C, G and G7 Chords (root and 5th)
40Rescue. Chord Study
42Half Step and Whole Step, Sharps, F on the 2nd String
43D7 Chord (root, 3rd and 5th)
44Bass-Chord Study
47Major Scale, G Major Scale
48G Scale Study
49Key Signature
51Fjj on the 4th String
52Gfl on the 1st String, Natural Sign,A on the 1st String
54Spanish Song
55B on the 1st String, Am, Dmand E7 Chords (roots and 6ths)
57Eighth Notes
58Playing Techniques
59Ode To Joy
60Are You Sleeping?
61Rockin' Out (lead)
62Moveable Positions
63Rockin Out (accompaniment)
64Playing Techniques
66C on the 1st String, C Major Scale .
67Bourree I
68Bass Lines
69Lead Lines
70Playing Technique D7, G7 and A7 Chords (roots, 3rds and 5ths)
71Celebrate (bass line)
72Moveable Positions
73Celebrate (lead)
74Arpeggios (broken chords)
75Em Chord
76Am and E Chords (roots, 3rds and 5ths)
78Dm Chord (root, 3rd and 5th)
79Am Etude
80Arpeggio Studies
81Supplemental Material—Two Moveable Positions
82Classical Study
83For Bass Only
85Andantino (accompaniment)
86Andantino (solo)
87Saint James Infirmary
89Flats, Enharmonics
90Chromatic Scale
91Tied Eighth Note Rhythms
92Groovin (lead)
93Groovin' (accompaniment)
94Shout (rhythm-bass)
95Shout (lead)
96D on the 1st String
97Supplemental Material
98Seventh Position—Electric Bass ...
99Shout (lead)
100Gypsy Nights
102A Chromatic Scale
103Moveable Chromatic Scale, Chord / Bass Note (Em / D)
105Boogie Bass
106G Boogie Bass
107Sleeper's Wake (theme)
108Walking Bass
109Half Step Leading Tone, Dotted Quarter Note
110Scarborough Fair
111F Chord (root, 3rd and 5th)
112C Blues
113Third and Second Position
114Blues Rock
115Rhythm Study
116Country Rock
1172/4 Time Signature
118House of the Rising Sun
120Rhythm V Blues
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