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  • Big Screen Themes - Music from the movies

Big Screen Themes - Music from the movies

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Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1Waltz with Bashir - Andante/Reflection (End Title)
2The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button - Benjamin and Daisy
3Genova - Dawn/Going to school
4Hancock - Death and Transfiguration
5Synecdoche, New York - Dmi thing in which new information is introduced/Piano One
6The Reader - The egg/cycling holiday
7Let the right one in - Eli's theme
8The International - End title
9The Kite Runner - Fly a kite/reading the letter
10Milk - Harvey's Last Day
11Easy Virtue - In The Library
12Slumdog Millionaire - Latika's Theme
13Blindness - Minimal 4/Minimal 8
14In Bruges - Prologue/Walking in Bruges/Ray At the mirror
15Terminator Salvation - Salvation
16Brideshead Revisited - Sebastian
17Telstar - Telstar
18Star Trek - That New Car Smell
19Let The Right One in - Then We Are Together
20The Young Victoria - Victoria and Albert
21The Visitor - Walter's Etude No. 1
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