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  • RCS DH-115S KOPNA 15W/100V IP66

RCS DH-115S KOPNA 15W/100V IP66

KOPNA 15W/100V IP66.Προϊόν HOT DEAL (Εκθεσιακό ή End Of Life).

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Κωδικός: H00RC00011

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Very stable and attractive horn speaker with integrated 100V matching transformer. This series is of high-quality plastic and therefore shock- and scratch-resistant.
The discreet colouring, a industry-grey tone, blends in very well with the surroundings. Of course it is also possible to paint these horn speakers in all RAL colours.
The mounting bar is completely tiltable and therefore very easy to fit.


  • The complete construction of the horn speakers series has the ultimate protection grade, IP 66.
  • The 2-pin connection cable (flexible hose line) is led through a waterproof PG-screw joint.
  • The 6-step impedance is switchable with a screwdriver at the rear side of the unit.
  • The horn speaker system is constructed to give an outstanding high sound pressure and best sound quality reproduction. The sound pressure is dependent on the different models and the particular impedance change-over.
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