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  • Glass Philip  - The Piano Collection

Glass Philip - The Piano Collection

Συλλογή για πιάνο με τα γνωστότερα κομμάτια του Philip Glass.

12 Άτοκες Δόσεις
Κωδικός: W449823812

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Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1 An unwelcome friend
2 Dead things
3 I' m going to make a cake
4 Something she has to do
5 Tearing herself away
6 The hours
7 The poet acts
8 Why does someone has to die?
9 Metamorphosis one
10 Metamorphosis two
11 Metamorphosis three
12 Metamorphosis four
13 Metamorphosis five
14 Knee play n.4 (Einstein on the beach)
15 Satyagraha (conclusion, act III)
16 Dance from Akhnaten (scene III)
17 Modern love waltz
18 Opening piece from Glassworks
Όνομα: G
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