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  • Hendrix Jimi  - Electric Ladyland

Hendrix Jimi - Electric Ladyland

Recorded Versions

Κωδικός: W449835527

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Πλήρης αυθεντική μεταγραφή όλων των τραγουδιών του δίσκου για κιθάρα (με ταμπλατούρα), μπάσο, τύμπανα
Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1...And the gods made love
2Have you ever been (to Electric Ladyland)
3Crosstown traffic
4Voodoo chile
5Little miss Strange
6Long hot summer night
7Come on (part I)
8Gypsy eyes
9Burning of the midnight lamp
10Rainy day, dream away
111983...(A merman I should turn to be)
12Moon, turn the tides...gently gently away
13Still raining, still dreaming
14House burning down
15All along the watchtower
16Voodoo chlid (Slight return)
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