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  • More Blues You Can Use + CD

More Blues You Can Use + CD

Αναλυτική μέθοδος για εκμάθηση Blues κιθάρας με συνοδευτικό CD για μεγαλύτερη ευκολία-Καλύπτει σόλο και ρυθμική κιθάρα

Κωδικός: W119835083

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Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1Lesson 1: Playing the pentatonic scales along the neck; using partial chord for in rhythm playing; Using notes forms chords in lead lines
2Lesson 2: Blues runs; More partial chords (fragments) in rhythm parts; More notes from chords in lead melodies
3Lesson 3: One-position runs; Sixth and ninth chord combinations; One-position runs in the lead
4Lesson 4: Pentatonic scales on single strings and string pairs; Variation of the spread rhythm; Chord punctuation in lead guitar solos
5Lesson 5: String-bending technique and exercises; Syncopated shuffle rhythm and embellishing chords; Jump-style shuffle
6Lesson 6: Single-string tremolo, pedal tone, and string skipping; Minor blues, use of the VII chord, and codas; Double-string bends and reverse bends
7Lesson 7: Intervals of a third over the whole fingerboard; More sixth and ninth chord combinations and altering the ninth; Tremolo in a guitar solo
8Lesson 8: Intervals of a sixth over the whole fingerboard; Blues-rock rhythm guitar styles; Double-stop tremolo
9Lesson 9: Dominant seventh arpeggios; Sixth chords and voice leading; Sixths in a lead guitar solo
10Lesson 10: Minor seventh arpeggios; Boogie rhythms, IV chord substitution, and embellished spread rhythm; Playing on the open strings
11Lesson 11: Left-hand technique, approaching scale and arpeggio tones by a half step; Secondary chords, mixing chord types, more voice leading; Playing through chord changes
12Lesson 12: String rakes, ascending and descending; Sparse rhythm playing and chord accents; Using half steps in solos
13Lesson 13: Vibrato techniques—'butterfly' and classical types; Rhythmic repetition in accompaniment; Rakes in a funky lead guitar solo
14Where to Go From Here?
15Guitar Notation Legend
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