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  • RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS Shelford 5051 EQ Compressor (Vertical)

RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS Shelford 5051 EQ Compressor (Vertical)

EQ/Compressor (vertical)

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Κωδικός: H05RN00019
Διαθέσιμο 15-28 Ημέρες

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  • Modern design and components, classic Neve sound
  • Transformers and Class A amplifiers
  • Selectable feed-forward or feedback-style VCA compression
  • Deliciously musical, classic 3-band Neve EQ
  • Made to fit Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console or any of three available vertical racks
  • Link switch and associated 1/4" phone jacks let you use multiple 5051's in stereo
  • Sidechain jacks let you de-ess and finesse your compression response
  • Requires standalone power supply (not included), which will power up to 25 Shelford modules
  • Made in the USA
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