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  • The Art of Modern Jazz Drumming

The Art of Modern Jazz Drumming

Μέθοδος εκμάθησης τυμπάνων από τους Jack De Johnette και Charlie Perry

Κωδικός: W389835035

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1Book I :
2About This Book
3About The Terms
4Elements Of Contemporary Jazz Drumming
5Progressive Jazz Drumming: Overview
6About Improvisation
7Cymbal Rhythms
8Interaction Of Parts
9Meter With in Meter
10Song Form And The Jazz Drummer
11Rhythm Section
12Universal Rhythm: Clave
13Phrasing: Think Like A Horn
14Experiment With Muscular Tension
15Body Motion
16Book IΙ :
18Some Recorded Examples
19Performance Patterns
20Book III :
22Ways Of Practice
23Performance Patterns
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