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  • The Sound of Music - vocal score

The Sound of Music - vocal score

Richard Rogers - Oscar Hammerstein II

12 Άτοκες Δόσεις
Κωδικός: W459835380
Διαθέσιμο 15-28 Ημέρες

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Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
2The sound of music
5The scene continues
6My favorite things
7The scene continues: My favorite things
8The scene continues
10Encore: Do-re-mi
11Change of scene
12Sixteen going on seventeen - Waltz
13Change of scene
14Incidental - Scene 7
15The lonely goatherd
16After the lonely goatherd
17Gretl's crossover: The lonely goatherd
18Change of scene
19How can love survive?
20Reprise: The sound of music
21The scene continues
22End of scene
23The party crossover: My favorite things
24The party - Grand Waltz
26Fox trot - incidental
27Waltz - incidental
28So long, farewell
29End of scene - Maria' s farewell
30Nuns' processional: morning hymn
32Climb ev'ry mountain
33Entr' acte
34Opening Act II: The lonely goathered
35Vocal incidental for dialogue
36Incidental - a cappella: The sound of Music
37Reprise: My favorite things
38No way to stop it
39An ordinary couple
40Change of scene
41Wedding preparations - The prostulants' crossover
42The bride's dressing music
43Change of scene: Gaudeamus Domino
45Canticle: Confitemini Domino
46Change of scene
47Homecoming music: An Ordinary couple
48Reprise: Sixteen going on seventeen
49Reprise: Do-Re-Mi
50Change of scene
51The concert: Do-Re-Mi
53Reprise: So long, farewell
54The awards
55Change of scene
57Finale Ultimo: Climb ev' ry mountain
58Bows and exit music
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