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  • Fast Track Music Instruction-Harmonica 2

Fast Track Music Instruction-Harmonica 2

Μέθοδος εκμάθησης φυσαρμόνικας με συνοδευτικό CD-Καλύπτει διατονικές φυσαρμόνικες σε Ντό μείζονα

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Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1Basic Blues
2Triplet Blues
3Black Cat Betid
4Slidin' Down
5Slidin' Blues
6Lazy Blues
7Blues on the Rail
8Half-step Shuffle
9Shufflin' Down
10Take It Down
11Breakin' the Blues
12Steppin' Down
13Steppin' Up
14Only a Step Away
15Around the Corner (blues)
16Around the Corner (funk)
17Why Don't We Go
18A Whole Lotta Blues
19Brother Jacques Rock
20Home on the Range
21Screamin' Blues
22Way Up
23Blue Bird Blues
24Four Cs
25Three Ds
26All Notes
27All-note Challenge
28Around the Block
29Brother Jacques Rock
30Double Up
31All in One
33Slide Away Blues
34Riff Away
35Chill Out
36Soldier's Joy
37A Blue Swing
38A Hew Blue Swing
39Ta-ka 1
40Ta-ka II
42Slow Then Fast
43Rhythm Challenge
44Back Again
45Return to Blue
46Been Gone
47Long Gone
48Miss Me?
49I'll Be Back
50C Blues Scale
51G Blues Scale
52D Blues Scale
53Simple Life
54G Blues Scale (slow)
55On My Way
56Clockin' In
57Blues Backing Track
5912-bar Sequence with Turnaround
60The 'Wah' Effect
61Wah Do You Know?
63Together Again
64The Hand Smack
65Two-octave A Natural Minor Scale
66A Minor Jam
67D Natural Minor Scale
68St. James Infirmary
69Overblow Hole 6
70Overblow Hole 5
71Overblow Hole 4
72Overblow Hole 1
73White Noise Technique
74Overdraw Hole 7
75Overdraw Hole 9
76Overdraw Hole 10
77C Major Scale on Chromatic Harp
78Three-octave C Major Scale
79G Major Scale on Chromatic Harp
80Back Home
81D Major Scale
82One-way Trip
83Nervous (full band)
84Nervous (minus harp)
85Dim the Lights (full band)
86Dim the Lights (minus Harp)
87Basement Jam (full band)
88Basement Jam (minus harp)
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