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  • RCS RC-110 Hχείο Οροφής 10W

RCS RC-110 Hχείο Οροφής 10W

Hχείο Οροφής 15/10W, 100V. Χρώμα άσπρο. Προϊόν HOT DEAL (Εκθεσιακό ή End Of Life).

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Κωδικός: H00RC00000

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This newly developed speaker has the easiest and most modern type of fixing available, a “QUICK-TIGHT” clamp. This sets new standards for security and simplicity.
Four screws to mount or demount. Lifting of the grille with a screwdriver is all that is necessary. The installation frame is made of high quality plastic, the grille of coated steel. The construction is burgle proof and impact resistant.


  • Modern, discreet design with a rim height of approx. 2 mm.
  • High-quality wide band 5 1/4? chassis with an integrated tweeter.
  • The speaker is available impregnated, with a specially prepared chassis and matching transformer.
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