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SENNHEISER 512758 Black Knob for SK, EK for EW-G2, EW-G3, 2000, 1038, 1039
CODE: 512758
BRAND: Sennheiser
1.00 €
ΠΙΣΩ ΣΤΗΝ ΛΙΣΤΑMicrophone Spare Parts

SENNHEISER 512758 Black Knob for SK, EK for EW-G2, EW-G3, 2000, 1038, 1039

CODE: X.SEN12758

BRAND: Sennheiser

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1.00 €


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    512758 - Black Knob for the SK transmitters and the EK receivers for the EW-G2, EW-G3, 2000, 1038, 1039 series

    Compatible with

    EK 100-G2-A, EK 100-G2-B, EK 100-G2-C, EK 100-G2-D, EK 100-G2-E, EK 100-G2-J3, EK 100-G3-A, EK 100-G3-A-X, EK 100-G3-B, EK 100-G3-B-X, EK 100-G3-C, EK 100-G3-C-X, EK 100-G3-D, EK 100-G3-D-X, EK 100-G3-E, EK 100-G3-E-X, EK 100-G3-G, EK 100-G3-GB, EK 100-G3-G-X, EK 100-G3-JB, EK 1038 (tourguide), EK 1039-BW (Tourguide), EK 1039-CW (Tourguide), EK 1039-DW (Tourguide), EK 2000-AW, EK 2000-AW-X, EK 2000-BW, EK 2000-BW-X, EK 2000-CW, EK 2000-CW-X, EK 2000-DW, EK 2000-DW-X, EK 2000-GBW, EK 2000-GW, EK 2000-GW-X, EK 2000-IEM-AW, EK 2000-IEM-AW-X, EK 2000-IEM-BW, EK 2000-IEM-BW-X, EK 2000-IEM-CW, EK 2000-IEM-CW-X, EK 2000-IEM-DW, EK 2000-IEM-DW-X, EK 2000-IEM-GBW, EK 2000-IEM-GW, EK 2000-IEM-GW-X, EK 2000-IEM-JA, EK 2000-IEM-K-X, EK 2000-K-X, EK 300-IEM-G2-A, EK 300-IEM-G2-A, EK 300-IEM-G2-B, EK 300-IEM-G2-B, EK 300-IEM-G2-C, EK 300-IEM-G2-C, EK 300-IEM-G2-D, EK 300-IEM-G2-D, EK 300-IEM-G2-E, EK 300-IEM-G2-E, EK 300-IEM-G2-G, EK 300-IEM-G3-A, EK 300-IEM-G3-A-X, EK 300-IEM-G3-B, EK 300-IEM-G3-B-X, EK 300-IEM-G3-C, EK 300-IEM-G3-C-X, EK 300-IEM-G3-D, EK 300-IEM-G3-D-X, EK 300-IEM-G3-E, EK 300-IEM-G3-E-X, EK 300-IEM-G3-G, EK 300-IEM-G3-GB, EK 300-IEM-G3-G-X, EK 3253 A, EK 3253 B, EK 3253 C, EK 3253 D, EK 3253 E, EK 500-G2-A, EK 500-G2-A, EK 500-G2-B, EK 500-G2-B, EK 500-G2-C, EK 500-G2-C, EK 500-G2-D, EK 500-G2-D, EK 500-G2-E, EK 500-G2-E, EK 500-G2-J1, EK 500-G2-J2, ew 110-G3-A2 (ew 110-G3-A2-US), ew 110-G3-B2 (ew 110-G3-B2-US), ew 112-G2-A-EU, ew 112-G2-B-EU, ew 112-G2-C-EU, ew 112-G2-D-EU, ew 112-G2-E-EU, ew 112-G3-1G8, ew 112-G3-A-X (ew 112-G3-A-EU), ew 112-G3-B (ew 112-G3-B-US), ew 112-G3-B-X (ew 112-G3-B-EU), ew 112-G3-C (ew 112-G3-C-US), ew 112-G3-C-X (ew 112-G3-C-EU), ew 112-G3-D (ew 112-G3-D-EU), ew 112-G3-D-X (ew 112-G3-D-EU-X), ew 112-G3-E (ew 112-G3-E-EU), ew 112-G3-E-X (ew 112-G3-E-EU-X), ew 112-G3-G (ew 112-G3-G-US), ew 112-G3-GB, ew 112-G3-G-X (ew 112-G3-G-EU), ew 112-G3-JB, ew 112-P-G2-A, ew 112-P-G2-B, ew 112-P-G2-C, ew 112-P-G2-D, ew 112-P-G2-E, ew 112P-G3-A, ew 112P-G3-A-X, ew 112P-G3-B, ew 112P-G3-B-X, ew 112P-G3-C, ew 112P-G3-C-X, ew 112P-G3-D, ew 112P-G3-D-X, ew 112P-G3-E, ew 112P-G3-E-X, ew 112P-G3-G, ew 112P-G3-GB, ew 112P-G3-G-X, ew 112P-G3-JB, ew 112-P-G3-K-X, ew 172-G2-A EU, ew 300-IEM-G3-A (ew 300-IEM-G3-A-US), ew 300-IEM-G3-A-X (ew 300-IEM-G3-A-EU), ew 300-IEM-G3-B (ew 300-IEM-G3-B-US), ew 300-IEM-G3-B-X (ew 300-IEM-G3-B-EU), ew 300-IEM-G3-C (ew 300-IEM-G3-C-US), ew 300-IEM-G3-C-X (ew 300-IEM-G3-C-EU), ew 300-IEM-G3-D (ew 300-IEM-G3-D-EU), ew 300-IEM-G3-D-X (ew 300-IEM-G3-D-EU-X), ew 300-IEM-G3-E (ew 300-IEM-G3-E-EU), ew 300-IEM-G3-E-X (ew 300-IEM-G3-E-EU-X), ew 300-IEM-G3-G (ew 300-IEM-G3-G-US), ew 300-IEM-G3-GB, ew 300-IEM-G3-G-X (ew 300-IEM-G3-G-EU), ew 312-G2-A-EU, ew 312-G2-B-EU, ew 312-G2-C-EU, ew 312-G2-D-EU, ew 312-G2-E-EU, ew 312-G3-A (ew 312-G3-A-US), ew 312-G3-A-X (ew 312-G3-A-EU), ew 312-G3-B (ew 312-G3-B-US), ew 312-G3-B-X (ew 312-G3-B-EU), ew 312-G3-C (ew 312-G3-C-US), ew 312-G3-C-X (ew 312-G3-C-EU), ew 312-G3-D (ew 312-G3-D-EU), ew 312-G3-D-X (ew 312-G3-D-EU-X), ew 312-G3-E (ew 312-G3-E-EU), ew 312-G3-E-X (ew 312-G3-E-EU-X), ew 312-G3-G (ew 312-G3-G-US), ew 312-G3-GB, ew 312-G3-G-X (ew 312-G3-G-EU), ew 312-G3-JB, ew 312-G3-K+, ew 512-G3-A (ew 512-G3-A-US), ew 512-G3-A-X (ew 512-G3-A-EU), ew 512-G3-B (ew 512-G3-B-US), ew 512-G3-B-X (ew 512-G3-B-EU), ew 512-G3-C (ew 512-G3-C-US), ew 512-G3-C-X (ew 512-G3-C-EU), ew 512-G3-D (ew 512-G3-D-EU), ew 512-G3-D-X (ew 512-G3-D-EU-X), ew 512-G3-E (ew 512-G3-E-EU), ew 512-G3-E-X (ew 512-G3-E-EU-X), ew 512-G3-G (ew 512-G3-G-US), ew 512-G3-GB, ew 512-G3-G-X (ew 512-G3-G-EU), ew 512-G3-K+, SK 100-G2-A, SK 100-G2-B, SK 100-G2-C, SK 100-G2-D, SK 100-G2-E, SK 100-G2-J3, SK 100-G3-1G8, SK 100-G3-A, SK 100-G3-A-X, SK 100-G3-B, SK 100-G3-B-X, SK 100-G3-C, SK 100-G3-C-X, SK 100-G3-D, SK 100-G3-D-X, SK 100-G3-E, SK 100-G3-E-X, SK 100-G3-G, SK 100-G3-GB, SK 100-G3-G-X, SK 100-G3-JB, SK 100-G3-K+, SK 2000-AW, SK 2000-AW-JP, SK 2000-AW-X, SK 2000-BW, SK 2000-BW-JP, SK 2000-BW-X, SK 2000-CW, SK 2000-CW-X, SK 2000-DW, SK 2000-DW-X, SK 2000-GBW, SK 2000-GW, SK 2000-GW-JP, SK 2000-GW-X, SK 2000-J, SK 2000-JB, SK 2000-K-X, SK 2000XP-AW, SK 2000XP-BW, SK 2000XP-GW, SK 2020-D (tourguide), SK 2020-D-US (tourguide), SK 300-G2-A, SK 300-G2-B, SK 300-G2-C, SK 300-G2-D, SK 300-G2-E, SK 300-G2-J3, SK 300-G3-A, SK 300-G3-A-X, SK 300-G3-B, SK 300-G3-B-X, SK 300-G3-C, SK 300-G3-C-X, SK 300-G3-D, SK 300-G3-D-X, SK 300-G3-E, SK 300-G3-E-X, SK 300-G3-G, SK 300-G3-GB, SK 300-G3-G-X, SK 300-G3-JB, SK 300-G3-K+, SK 500-G2-A, SK 500-G2-A, SK 500-G2-B, SK 500-G2-B, SK 500-G2-C, SK 500-G2-C, SK 500-G2-D, SK 500-G2-D, SK 500-G2-E, SK 500-G2-E, SK 500-G2-J1, SK 500-G2-J2, SK 500-G3-A, SK 500-G3-A-X, SK 500-G3-B, SK 500-G3-B-X, SK 500-G3-C, SK 500-G3-C-X, SK 500-G3-D, SK 500-G3-D-X, SK 500-G3-E, SK 500-G3-E-X, SK 500-G3-G, SK 500-G3-GB, SK 500-G3-G-X, SK 500-G3-K+