Warranty Philippos Nakas - Service Department Charges

The warranty period is set to at least 2 years and can be up to 15 years depending on the manufacturer and product family.

In any case, the warranty period of the product is mentioned separately for each product with special marking on our website.

The warranty period starts from the date of initial purchase of the products by the first end user and it is not transferable.
PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA guarantees to the original buyer that the products are not defective, due to the materials of which are made or to its assembly work. During the warranty, PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA will repair or replace at its discretion the defective product without any labor charge or spare parts. The company has the exclusive right to determine at its absolute discretion the manner, time and place of repair of the product.

The transfer and any insurance of the products to be repaired by the customer to and from "PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA" or the authorized technical centers, is under the responsibility and expense of the customer. Please be prepared to present a proof of purchase of the product (receipt of retail sale, purchase invoice, etc.). For the safest possible transport, the products sent for repair must be carefully and securely packed in their original packaging.
Unwarranted employment, as well as home technician visits, are charged separately, even if the product is covered by warranty.
In case the customer wants a home repair under warranty, due to the large volume of the product, e.g. clavinova, then the charge for a technician visit at home is 50 € with VAT.

If it is not possible to complete the repair, then PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA undertakes the obligation to transfer the instrument to the technical department of the company without any other charge.

The return of the instrument to the customer's place is under the responsibility and charge of the customer. With the customer’s approval, our company can undertake the return of the instrument at a cost of 50 € with VAT.

All the above applies to the Attica region.

Repairs of clavinova without warranty at home, are charged with the amount of 80 € with VAT per hour plus the cost of spare parts.
In the event that a repair is judged out of warranty conditions, the general terms of repair of PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA are as follows:

1) For the inspection or repair of devices OUT OF WARRANTY the minimum charge is 48 €, which is prepaid.
2) If the device is deemed unprofitable for repair or unrepaired, a refund of € 15 is paid upon receipt of the product by the customer.
3) The payment of the above amounts will be transferred to one of the following bank accounts of our company, always indicating in the depository the name of the depositor:

IBAN ALPHA BANK: GR1201402450 / 167002320000312
IBAN NATIONAL: GR19011015100000 / 15147034720
IVAN EUROBANK: GR67 0260 0250 0004 8020 0566 629
IBAN PIRAEUS: GR30 0172 0410 0050 4106 3292 458

4) The repair of the product will be made according to the description of the damage, indicated by the customer.
5) The return of the product is effected only by showing the receipt or police ID with the information stated above.
6) The customer is notified of the repair cost only if this exceeds the amount of € 64.00.
7) In case that the cost of repair is deemed unprofitable by the customer, the customer is obliged to pay the minimum charge for labor and / or transportation according to the applicable price list of the company. If it is found that the product does not present any problems, the customer is obliged to pay the minimum charge according to the current price list, even if no repair labor is required.
8) The company has the right to request from the customer an advance payment of part of the repair amount depending on the case.
9) The repaired or non-repaired products that are not received by their owners after the relevant telephone information on the cost of the damage, are charged with a storage cost of € 40.00 per month.
10) In case you do not receive the product within three (3) months from your notification (according to what is defined below in par. 11) by PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA, you authorize the company PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA through the relevant Quantitative Receipt Card given to you upon receipt of the product by our technical department, to proceed at your own expense to the recycling of the product (or products) mentioned in it and in this case you unconditionally consent to its destruction and you have absolutely no claim or claim against the company.
11) The transfer from and to the authorized technical department of the company is under the responsibility and expense of the customer.
12) The delivery of products for repair indicates the unconditional acceptance of the above terms.
13) The customer declares that he accepts the above as well as that his information on any issue related to the provision of services by the technical department of the company regarding the repair of the products mentioned in the relevant Quantity Receipt can be effected by simple or registered letter as well as by message or fax, to the address (postal or electronic) and to the call number stated above.
A condition for the receipt of the products to be repaired, is the acceptance of the terms with the signing of the relevant Quantitative Receipt Card by the customer, or the acceptance of the terms mentioned in it by fax, or e-mail and the acceptance of the terms of the Quantity Receipt will be declared by the customer.
14) Works that require spare parts, are completed depending on their availability. Delays in delivering spare parts from third parties may delay the completion of the repair.
15) The minimum charge that is valid in each case, is prepaid.
16) When the device is deemed unprofitable for repair or unrepaired, a refund of € 15 is received upon receipt of the product by the customer.
Please read carefully the instructions manual of the product you purchased. The information contained in it refer to the proper use, wiring and maintenance of the product.
For information on repairing devices under warranty from authorized technical centers, you should contact directly to be informed about the terms of provision of these services.

The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:
1. Negligence (eg damage from acid battery leaks)
2. Misuse
3. Use contrary to the specifications set by the manufacturer (poor connection, drop, exposure to extreme temperature levels, damage due to changes in the PPC network).
4. Any repair or conversion that has been done outside the technical support center of PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA.
5. Also the warranty is not valid when the serial number or the distinguishing marks of the device have been altered, changed or removed.
The date of commencement of the guarantee is defined as the date of purchase and the receipt or purchase invoice is defined as the proof.
PHILIPPOS NAKAS SA will do everything possible to have the product repaired and returned to you as soon as possible. For any problem or question you can contact daily 14:00 - 15:30 the technical department of our company at : 2106686000.

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