• How can I place an order?

    You can place an order with one of the following ways:

    • Online - Placing you order online, by adding the desired products in your cart and following the steps to complete your order.
    • By Telephone - Call us on +30210 6686000 or +30210 6686142 (Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM) and tell us the product codes you wish to order.
    • By email - Email us at [email protected] by stating the product codes you wish & a telephone number to reach you for a better customer experience.
  • Where can I find your stores?

    Our company consists of 17 owned stores throughout Greece. You can view here the map with our stores' addresses.
  • Do I have any discounts?

    At Philippos Nakas SA we do everything to ensure the most competitive prices.
    By creating an account in our online store www.nakas.gr you automatically gain the advantage of earning redeemable points with each online purchase. Specifically, with each of your online purchases worth 1 you earn 10 points. As soon as you collect 5,000 points in our online store, then you can redeem a disposable coupon worth 5. Points are added to your account as soon as your order is invoiced. The above applies only in your online orders through your account at  www.nakas.gr

    The process is simple. After logging in to your account, you can see the points you have earned by selecting the "My points" field on the left in the menu. When you score 5,000 points or more, the "Create Coupon" field appears. By selecting this field, your voucher worth 5€ will be created and you will receive a corresponding notification in the e-mail that you have entered in your account details. If you have earned more than 10,000 points, you will have to click on the "Create Coupon" field twice to create two separate coupons of  5€ each. You can use your coupon in your next order. In the "Have a discount coupon" field, fill in the coupon code before completing your order. Only one coupon can be used in each order.


    Free shipping for purchases over 79 €. Valid only for online orders.


  • What are the means of payment of an online order?

    Payment methods: 

    1. Online Payment by Credit Card / Debit Card
    Fill in the necessary data (credit card type, credit card number, date of expiration, CVC and credit card holder's full name) and go on with your purchase. For your own security eNakas Music Store cooperates with Verisign which ensures a safe environment for your online transactions.
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Dinners and American Express. All instalments are interest-free. The number of instalments is shown below:

    60€ - 299,99€: up to 6 interest-free Instalments
    300€ - 1199,99€: up to 12 interest-free Instalments
    1200€ - 1999,99€: up to 18 interest-free Instalments
    2000 € and above: up to 24 interest-free Instalments

    *Monthly Instalments are not possible with international credit cards

    2. Online Payment with Paypal
    Pay for your order using your Paypal account.

    Note: We inform you that invoices / receipts have necessarily to be issued to the full name of the Credit Card holder. In case that the name of the Credit Card holder is not the same with the buyer's name, your order won't be dispatched.

    3.By Bank Deposit
    Select one of the following bank accounts to proceed with your deposit:

    NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE Bank Account No : 151 / 47034720
    IBAN: GR19 0110 1510 0000 1514 7034 720

    ALPHA BANK Bank Account No : 167 / 002320000312
    IBAN: GR22 0140 1670 1670 0232 0000 312

    EUROBANK Bank Account No : 0026.0025.48.0200566629
    IBAN: GR67 0260 0250 0004 8020 0566 629

    PIRAEUS BANK Bank Account No : 5041-063292-458
    IBAN: GR30 0172 0410 0050 4106 3292 458

    4.Payment upon delivery to the employee of Philippos Nakas company.
    Select to pay cash or by credit / debit card to our company's employee who will deliver your order. This payment method is valid only for orders within Attica and has an extra charge of 1,90€. The Cash on Delivery payment method has a limit of 500€ order value.

    5. Cash On Delivery
    Pay Cash On Delivery to the Courier employee who will deliver your order. Cash On Delivery is valid only if your order is above 20 euros and only if you select Courier as delivery method. The Cash on Delivery payment method has a limit of 500€ order value.
    Cash On Delivery is charged 1,90 €.
    Cash On Delivery is not valid as a payment method for orders outside Greece.

    6. Payment at a Philippos Nakas Store (not valid currently)
    If you choose to pick up your order from a Nakas Music Store you can select one of the following 3 options:
    • Cash Payment up to 500€
    • Payment by Credit Card (one charge)
    • Payment by Credit Card with instalments

    *Monthly Instalments are not possible with international credit cards
    Note: We inform you that invoices / receipts have necessarily to be issued to the full name of the Credit Card holder. In case that the name of the Credit Card holder is not the same with the buyer's name, your order won't be dispatched. Your credit card will be charged at the store (not online).

Shipping and deliveries
  • What are the delivery methods of an online order?

    Shipping Methods:

    • Through Courier Service: ACS Courier or ELTA or Speedex.
    • Philippos Nakas Company car/truck.
    • Transportation Agency.
    • Pick up from one of our stores throughout Greece.

    For your better and immediate service as well as the safest delivery, Philippos Nakas SA reserves the right to change, without notice, the way of shipment of your order.

Returns and credit
  • Can I return a product?

    The customer who makes a purchase from a distance (online) has the right to request withdrawal and return of the product purchased through our online store within 14 days from the date of delivery. The product must be delivered to the company within 14 days from the date of the withdrawal request.

    The product must be delivered in the same condition in which it was received by the customer, in its original condition, perfectly even, within its factory packaging, unused, unopened, and without damage to the product or its packaging, accompanied by all its accessories and packaging. The return, in order to be accepted, must be accompanied by the original purchase documents (retail receipt, invoice). A return in which the product has obvious signs of use or abuse is not accepted.

    For products that are returned in bad condition, with damaged packaging, opened, used, etc., whose value is deemed impaired, the company reserves the right to a corresponding impairment of the refund and always in accordance with the condition of the returned product.

    The customer is charged with the shipping cost of the return.

    In case that the product was sent to the customer without shipping charges, then he is also charged with the costs of the initial shipment to him. Product that was sold with an extra gift will have to be returned with the extra gift, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the returned amount. The customer is responsible for any reduction in the value of the product resulting from handling that was not necessary to determine its nature, characteristics and function (Handling and testing of the product should be done in a way that would allow to the customer to perform them in a physical store of the company).

    You can download the relevant withdrawal request here.

    Product returns are not accepted when:

    • They concern online orders which are received and paid in a physical store of the network of Philippos Nakas SA as these are not considered distance sales.
    • They concern devices that include software programs as well as any kind of material related to these programs in digital-electronic form, the use of which requires activation by the buyer or declaration of his personal data, actions by which the buyer becomes the only and exclusive user. The device means, for example, audio cards (audio interfaces), electric electronic music instruments, digital audio consoles and generally all machines used to create, play, edit and record audiovisual material.
    • They concern products that were ordered or manufactured according to the consumer's specifications (custom) or are clearly personalised.
    • They are for wind instruments, microphones and books.
    • They concern products for which a special order was made on behalf of the customer after advance payment and do not belong to the planned stock of the company.