Quality Policy

The purpose of the company is to provide services to its customers, which will meet their needs and requirements:
These services are:
Trade of Acoustic and Electrical / Electronic Musical Instruments
Trade of Professional Audio and Video Systems / Consumer Audio products
Trade & Publication of Music Books
Maintenance / Repair of Musical Instruments and Audio and Video Systems
These services, in addition to the customer’s satisfaction, comply with the existing national and international laws and regulations. The quality of services is closely linked to the long-term involvement of the company in these activities, the fully trained and experienced staff and the constant effort to upgrade and improve them.
Achieving this goal is the means not only to maintain the leading role of the company in all fields of its activities but also for its continuous improvement and development. To achieve its goals, the company adapts its operation under the terms of the Quality System according to ISO 9001: 2015. The Quality System ISO9001: 2015, its processes and the objectives that derive from it are subject to continuous review in order to continuously improve and adapt them (as well as all activities included in the System) to the needs and requirements of customers and the requirements of the proper functioning of the company in general.
The analysis of the results of the internal control and review of activities as well as the information received from the customers or other external sources and interested parties is a valuable source of inputs to the Quality System, in the effort made for its continuous improvement.
The Management and the staff of the company are bound by this policy and fully follow the Quality System. The Quality Policy is subject to constant review in order to ensure its adequacy to the requirements of the Quality System but also to ensure the coverage of all activities included in the System.