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STEINBERG Wavelab Pro 12
BRAND: Steinberg
499.00 €

STEINBERG Wavelab Pro 12

CODE: J04ST00460

BRAND: Steinberg

499.00 €
Suggested Catalog Price 499.00 €

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    For almost 30 years WaveLab has constantly pushed back the boundaries of what is possible in mastering, editing, restoration, analysis, and many other audio processes, thanks to its comprehensive array of features and intuitive workflows. Designed for mixing and mastering studios, post-production facilities, sound designers, musicians, journalists, broadcasters, and other audio creatives, WaveLab’s huge feature set, customizability, and outstanding audio quality are why it’s the world’s most popular professional platform for audio refinement.

    With completely new workflows, invaluable time-saving features, and many improvements, WaveLab 12 is the biggest ever release for audio mastering and editing.

    The whole world of WaveLab
    • The No.1 choice for Mastering
    • The world’s best audio editor
    • Restore recordings
    • Recording
    • Advanced audio analysis
    • Sound design
    • Industry-leading batch processing
    • Metadata editing

    WaveLab inside your favorite DAW
    You can now use WaveLab’s powerful Audio Editor as an ARA plug-in within your favorite DAW.
    Cubase 13, Nuendo 13, Reaper 7, and Studio One 6.5 have all been fully approved for seamless compatibility .

    Multi-color waveform
    You can now visualize audio waveforms in multiple colors, which highlight the spectral content

    Drag&Drop audio exchange with other DAWs
    Seamlessly transfer any audio range, with or without effects, from WaveLab to any other application, without any limits or

    Loudness Analysis and Reporting
    You can now generate personalized reports detailing all aspects of loudness and peak levels within your audio files and montages.

    Loudness matching
    Match the loudness of reference tracks to the Audio Montage output and vice versa, for instantaneous, accurate A/B comparisons between mastered audio and reference sources

    Automatic transient markers
    This feature offers optional visual guidance which aids for snapping audio selections to transient and release points

    Visual analysis
    Explore the spectral details of your audio files and montages in minute detail with this wide range of visual analysis tools.

    New Startup Assistant
    Kickstart your projects with the new Startup Assistant, featuring an extended session management section and a web display panel

    Streamlined Audio Montage asset management
    Simplify the organization of your audio montages with a revamped structure that operates from a central folder housing files and other folders.

    Extended quality assurance: new Null Test Track
    This feature is a widely adopted audio measurement method for quality assurance

    New plug-ins
    SampleAlign, BlackValve, VoxComp, Raiser, EQ-P1A, and EQ-M5 have been added to WaveLab’s plug-in arsen

    Plus, more than 60 productivity features
    Adding even more features, WaveLab 12 comes with 60+ productivity features throughout the entire application

    Additional new features and improvements
    Naming scheme
    There are now new filter options which allow you to generate new names from custom modifications of source names

    Windows: New Steinberg built-in ASIO driver
    If you do not have an ASIO driver on your PC, this driver grants you access to the audio inputs and outputs provided by the Windows audio subsystem. It automatically performs sample rate conversion if the source audio file's sample rate differs from that of your device.

    Synchronized audio file and montage navigation
    This allows you to synchronize scrolling and zooming across selected audio files and/or montages, providing a convenient way to visually compare different versions

    Frequency band monitoring
    You can apply a filter to isolate a specific frequency band while listening to both the Audio Montage output and the reference track. Choose from five customizable high-quality, linear-phase filters for instant A/B comparison, enabling you to monitor your mastering session's impact.

    Speaker configurations with playback plug-ins
    There is now the option to attach each of the eight speaker configurations to a playback plugin chain preset. When a speaker configuration is selected, the associated plug-ins automatically replace any existing playback plug-ins.

    Plug-in settings replicator
    Instantly copy the current parameters of a given plug-in to one or more other instances of the same plug-in within the same audio montage

    Enhanced Album Wizard
    This ISRC generation enhancement provides added options to adjust markers and preserve clip positions.

    Audio Editor display options
    The Spectrogram and Wavelet views can show the audio waveform as a semi-transparent overlay. The Spectrogram setting dialog has been updated

    Full list of further improvements
    Audio Montage
    • WaveLab 12 allows you to replace the audio file of multiple clips at once
    • The redesigned alignment tool aligns two clips with minimal phase cancellation
    • You can sequentially play back the start and end points of all titles
    • Pre-gain and post-gain are available at each stage of the Audio Montage
    • You can copy clips from one track to another without their associated plug-ins
    • Bulk activation and deactivation of audio montage plug-ins is available
    • There is a Safe Open mode for opening an audio montage without loading any of its plug-ins
    • A dB level ruler has been added to the Audio Montage
    • The render path can be stored with each audio montage
    • You can snap envelope points to anchors in the Audio Montage
    • The edit cursor can be moved to a chosen envelope point
    • You can navigate across envelope automation points
    • The level of a montage clip audio selection can be reduced with a single action.
    • A new context info bar for some mouse actions allows you to customize them on the fly
    • Reference tracks can be included when using the ripple and auto grouping functions
    • An Audio Montage option has been added to make plug-ins more stable with montage clips
    • A time grid option for clips is available
    • Recording can be stopped at a selected marker in the Audio Montage
    • Clip side cues have a visibility option
    • Text report options have been improved
    • Plug-in captions are color-coded, based on the plugin's position in the signal path
    • You can bulk randomize the colorization of clips
    • The marker / clip / audio file list export features enhanced options
    • A “bypass all” option has been added to the plug-in menu in the track header
    • There is a shortcut to activate the clip located at the edit/playback cursor
    Audio Editor
    • When using the Gain process, a crossfade can be located within or outside the audio selection with a smooth transition
    • A time grid option has been added
    • You can tailor the appearance of the playback cursor and adjust the edit cursor blink rate
    • While selecting an audio range, you can zoom in or out with a simple mouse movement
    • Audio selections can be quickly quantized to the time ruler
    • An audio loudness representation can be overlaid onto all waveform views, providing a comprehensive visual analysis of the audio dynamics
    • Auto-play in the Spectrum Editor can play back selected areas automatically after each edit

    Batch Processor
    • RMS and Digital Silence report have been added to the Audio Analyzer batch plug-in
    • The Master Section plug-in chain can be added to the current batch processor
    • You can drag and drop a plug-in from the Master Section to a batch process
    • The Loudness Meta Normalizer and Meta Leveler plug-ins have been improved

    Content Creation
    • Opus audio file format import / export
    • There is an option to display mouse activity and modifier keys in real time for screenshots and screen recording
    • YouTube and Spotify-compatible chapter files can be created from markers embedded within audio files and montages

    • More than thousand tooltips have been added across all windows.
    • An option to ignore all VST 2 plug-ins has been added.
    • A second instance of the timecode window can be displayed.
    • A “refresh folder content” button has been added to the file browser.
    • A “reveal in explorer” option has been added to the render option menu.
    • Fileless documents can have colored tab names.
    • Plug-in menus feature an insert option.
    • A custom sample block unit has been added to the time ruler.
    • Markers can be imported from CSV filesdio montage without loading any of its plug-ins.

    System Requirements
    MAC PC
    macOS Sonoma Windows 11 (version 22H2 or higher)
    macOS Monterey 64-bit Windows 10 (version 22H2 or higher)
    macOS Ventura  
    Rosetta 2 App (Silicon Mac)  
    Native App (Silicon Mac)  
    • ® Intel Core™ i5 Series (4th generation) or AMD Ryzen™
    • ® Intel Core™ i5 (2015 or later) or Apple Silicon
    • 8 GB RAM | 75 GB free HD space
    • Graphics card with native Windows 10 support (minimum)
    • AMD R or RX series and later or NVIDIA Series 700 and later
    • (recommended)
    • Graphic Card with Metal support (Mac only)
    • 4GB GPU memory or higher for 4k displays
    • OS-compatible audio hardware
    • ASIO-compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency
    • performance
    • Internet connection is required for download of installation package,
    • license activation, account setup and personal/product registration

    Comparison :
      WaveLab Pro 12 WaveLab Elements 12
    Maximum supported sample rate 384 kHz 96 kHz
    Maximum number of audio tracks >1000 5
    Internal processing 64-bit floating point 64-bit floating point
    Real-time VST 3 effect plug-ins 58 35
    Offline processors 25 16
    Master Section slots 16 8
    Final Effects/Dithering slots 2 1
    Playback Processing slots 5 0
    Maximum number of clip effects per clip 16 2
    Multichannel interleaved audio file editing up to 22.2 up to 5.1
    Docking system Full Full
    Startup dialog Full Full
    High DPI support Full Full
    Apple Touch Bar support Full Full
    Audio file browser Full Full
    Single-window user interface Full Full
    Metadata support Full Limited
    Video playback support Full Full
    Audio Montage environment Full Limited
    Audio File environment Full Limited
    Recording options Full Limited
    Marker toolset Full Limited
    Editing toolset Full Limited
    Transport panel Full Limited
    CD burning engine Full Limited
    Project Manager Full -
    DDP support Full -
    Unlimited audio file size Full Full
    External effects support Full -
    Reference track with automatic loudness compensation Full -
    External editor support Full  -

    For more information on the comparison of the 2 versions of the program see here .