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HOHNER Golden Melody Progressive F Diatonic Harmonica
CODE: M54406X
BRAND: Hohner
55.00 €

HOHNER Golden Melody Progressive F Diatonic Harmonica

CODE: M151900333

BRAND: Hohner

55.00 €
Suggested Catalog Price 65.00 €


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    The Golden Melody Progressive, HOHNER's only professional diatonic tuned in equal temperament, has undergone a radical redesign to improve playability, stability and soundproofed.
    While retaining the warm tone that has made it a favorite with single-note melody players in many different styles, the Golden Melody Progressive offers a fuller, more powerful sound, combined with optimal playing comfort. And it also looks great.
    Ergonomically shaped stainless steel covers for comfortable handling and increased stability
    Innovative cover fixing with Torx countersunk screws
    Comb with polished ultraglide mouthpiece and rounded outer edges for improved playing comfort
    Improved tightness and volume thanks to the new design of the comb and cap
    Key: F-Major
    20 Reeds
    Tuning: Richter, equal temperament
    Number of holes: 10
    Tonal range: 3 octaves
    Length: 10,7 cm/ 4,2"
    Reedplates made of 0.9 mm brass
    Sturdy case made of high-quality cardboard
    Made in Germany