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Otamatone Regular Black
CODE: CB-701016-2
BRAND: Otamatone
35.00 €
ΠΙΣΩ ΣΤΗΝ ΛΙΣΤΑElectronic Wind

Otamatone Regular Black

CODE: I01OTM0000

BRAND: Otamatone

35.00 €
Suggested Catalog Price 42.00 €


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    The Otamatone is a synthesizer, the body of which is shaped like an eighth note (quaver) (it also somewhat resembles a tadpole, or a ladle, otamajakushi, being Japanese for tadpole and ladle), with sound emerging from a "mouth" on the notehead. It requires two hands to play: while one hand holds and squeezes the "head", the other hand controls the pitch of the tune by placing the finger on a ribbon controller on the stem; a higher position on the stem creates a lower sound.

    Operated by pressing the sound surface on the neck and opening and closing the mouth
    Different note pitches can be set
    Battery operated (3 AAA)
    Size:   W67 x H270 x D133mm
    Colour: Black
    Batteries are not included

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