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Taskou Victoria - The Oud & Its World

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    Taskou Victoria - The Oud & Its World

    The oud passed, a hundred years ago, from the then Ottoman Constantinople and Smyrna, to the Greek area where it is played and heard to this day.
    In this book, a multifaceted approach is made to the instrument and the world in which it lived and lives. Both practical and theoretical issues of concern to oud players are presented: from how the strings should be changed to how my body works when I play, and from the Pythagorean scale and consonance to the theory of makams, rhythms and of usul, and how it is applied to oud.
    The book contains a collection of material that is useful for those who play, teach or want to learn oud. It aims to offer practical tools and inspiration during the solitary journey of studying and exploring the instrument.
    It was written alongside and linked to the book "Tropical music and makam – 166 musical pieces for performance and teaching", Fagotto Books, Athens 2023, by the same author, which contains scores of tropical music pieces.